How to get to Zurich

Travel by car
If you are in or around the DACH area and would like to have flexibility with your mobility through Switzerland, then travelling by car may be a good option for you. Switzerland has high quality road and good connections for international travellers looking to cross the border by car. Of note, an International Driver’s License is not required to drive in Switzerland, your own local license should suffice. For more information on travel by car in switzerland, click here.

Travel by train
Travelling to Zurich by train may also be a good option for those in and around the DACH area. Although less flexible than a car, travelling by train may be faster and more hassle free. If you are coming in from Germany you can book your train through Deutsche Bahn without the need to buy multiple tickets on separate platforms.

Travel by plane
Travel to Zurich by plane may be the best option for many international travellers. Luckily, finding a good flight shouldn’t be a challenge as Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s largest international airport. Direct flights to Zurich are possible from major US cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Miami and many major European cities.

COVID restrictions in Switzerland

To gain entry to the conference you will need proof of full vaccination, recovery, or a negative test (administered on site).

Concerning moving around the city: to access indoor facilities, it is required to have a human-readable certificate of vaccination with an EMA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen/Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca, and all licenses vaccine such as Covishield, etc.). Certificates must be in English, German, French, Italian, Romansh, or Spanish (or a certified translation into these languages). This applies for both EU and non EU attendees.

For the most up to date Swiss Covid regulations check this website. We also advise attendees to check guidelines for entering from an international flight, if applicable.

Accommodation in Zurich

Switzerland is known for it’s beauty and high standards of service, so you should have no problem finding great accommodation during your stay in Zurich. Below are several accommodation options for your stay in Zurich during the Biostasis 2021 conference.

Crowne Plaza Zurich

This modern hotel is located just 20 minutes from Zurich Airport and 10 minutes away from the city centre. A single room costs 150 CHF (≈136€) and a double room costs 160 CHF (≈145€). You can find more information and book a room here.

St. Georges Zurich

This central hotel offers comfortable stay at an affordable price. A single room costs 86 CHF (≈77€) and a double room costs 108 CHF (≈98€). You can find more information and book a room here.

Hotels by Fassbind

This newly renovated hotel sits in the trendy district Zuri West. A single room costs 112.5 CHF (≈102€) and a double room costs 125 CHF (≈113€). You can find more information and book a room here.

Hotel Marta Zurich

This hotel is simple, stylish, and located centrally. A single room costs 110 CHF (≈100€) and a double room costs 140 CHF (≈127€). You can find more information and book a room here.